Ethereum Layer2, omnichain modular storage, Permanent DA solution

Lambda is an omnichain modular storage network, aiming to provide a fast, advanced and scalable Web3 infrastructure with Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain and Permanent Storage services for Rollups, DAPPs and AI, leveraging DAS technology to provide data sampling services for Ethereum permanent DA layer.

Evolution from Distributed to Modular Storage on EVM

Since its establishment in 2018, Lambda has been a vanguard in storage and DePIN sectors, particularly excelling in Data Availability Sampling (DAS) and Proof of Long-term Data Possession (LPDP). Securing significant funding from major investors like Bitmain, Lambda quickly established a strong presence on major trading platforms.

Comprehensive Upgrade to Ethereum Layer2

After three stable years running on LPDP technology, Lambda is undergoing a significant transformation, transitioning from its proprietary consensus network to the Ethereum Layer2 network.

In 2024, we completed this significant transformation: migrating from a self-built consensus network to the Ethereum Layer 2 network. This strategic shift aims to enhance infrastructure capabilities and integrate more deeply into the Ethereum ecosystem. The new Ethereum Layer2 blockchain, powered by Opstack, will better serve applications involving Rollups and AI by focusing on persistent data availability. This includes the use of PDP algorithms and Zero-Knowledge Proof tools (ZKG) for DAS to ensure continuous data storage.

The move to Ethereum Layer2 marks a strategic integration, enhancing the synergy between data availability services and AI functionalities, significantly improving Lambda’s network economy, compatibility, scalability, security, and simplifying development and maintenance efforts.

Lambda DAS Services:

Providing Reliable Data Integrity Proofs for Ethereum's Permanent DA

Within the Ethereum ecosystem, data availability (DA) will be a key focus for the next industry cycle, with DA, staking, and restaking already becoming core themes for the next decade. Facing the scalability challenges known as the blockchain trilemma, there is a crucial need to balance decentralization, scalability, and security. Rollups address this by moving transactions off-chain.

Lambda capitalizes on its existing LWS storage capabilities combined with PDP and ZKG to enhance DAS verification and integrate into Ethereum’s security framework, adopting an innovative approach to solve DA issues. This strategic alignment not only enhances Lambda's DA solutions but also significantly contributes to the Ethereum ecosystem, especially in providing AVS, L2 solutions, and staking services.

Lambda Storage Services: LWS

LWS is the leading Permanent Storage Service which provides secure and high-speed data storage services for NFTs and DAPPs. By 2023, Lambda had evolved into a modular blockchain ecosystem supporting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and leveraging smart contracts for efficient storage settlements. Additionally, Lambda has established a leading and thriving NFT ecosystem, with hundreds of prominent artists issuing hundreds of thousands of NFT assets through Lambda’s blockchain and storage services

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