GOAT is LambSwap governance tokens, no private sale, no pre-mining. It is completely community-based output and fair activation. The total GOAT tokens do not exceed 1 million. After release 1 million in total, LambSwap DAO governance whether decide to increase issuance or not.

GOAT Token Distribution Process

  • Distribution Process

    • The annually release does not exceed 250,000 GOAT within 4 years.

  • GOAT Token Distribution

    • Team:2% for adding 20,000 by initial liquidity.

    • Community:98% business mining and other reward 100% earn by community.

  • Phase 1: GOAT token distribution on HECO network by community mining

    • Total Quantities:80,000 GOAT

    • Release Time:Expected distribute completion in 3 months

    • The distribution proportion of each pool and timeline

      • 2021.4.1 20:00

        • LAMB/USDT LP Pool:15,000 GOAT

        • LAMB/ETH LP Pool: 12,500 GOAT

        • LAMB/FIL LP Pool:10,000 GOAT

      • 2021.4.6 10:00

        • GOAT/LAMB LP Pool:30,000 GOAT

      • 2021.4.6 10:00 (Lambda mainnet token mLAMB )

        • mLAMB/LAMB LP Pool:12500 GOAT

  • Distribution afterwards

    • The remaining quota this year will be released according to business development to determine the release time and token quantities release.

LAMB Airdrop

In the first phase, it expects to airdrop 10,000,000 LAMB. LambSwap will be used to reward liquidity providers of each trading pair.

  • Genesis Airdrop Time

    • 2021.4.6 10:00(UTC+8)

  • Total Genesis Airdrops

    • 2,000,000 LAMB

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