Token Info

$LAMBDA, serving as the governance token of Lambda Chain, boasts a multitude of use cases and is deployed on Ethereum L1, as well as on Lambda Chain and four other L2 solutions.

$LAMBDA (Ethereum L1)

Contract : 0xe701c284ed9de407da905d918d06dd94f0908c3a

$LAMBDA (Lambda Chain L2)

Contract : 0x99344442308EDb5Ee0b6cca5e54D1355679357Fa

$LAMBDA (Base L2)

Contract : 0x7687325c3B889B8D92614D3Af8C2bA3556953ece

$LAMBDA (OP Mainnet L2)

Contract : 0xC8B1247e9434cA6c2cE0e9713714dEc7b3e859E0

$LAMBDA (Arbitrum One L2)

Contract : 0x14ae18cd984fda6122f02d09200e6dd3cfe7690c

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